• Digital Video Recording and Computing with the Wireless Advantage
  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA
  • Unmatched Technology and Security

Video/Data Archiving and Management

VehiLink™ Server/Software

Mobile Digital Video Management

System Benefits

  • Redundant storage and software — ensures no lost video
  • UNIX® FreeBSD® advanced operating system — for ultimate security
  • Automated tasks — no human intervention eliminates human error
  • Easy-to-use web-based user interface
  • Supports centralized and distributed server models
Digital Video Management Solutions

This user-friendly, web-based back office solution provides full management for all digital video evidence — mobile, remote (fixed and portable) and interview room.

The VehiLink software is designed to function in any database environment, centralized or distributed. This flexibility provides you with control over where and how your video data is stored and retrieved between headquarters and remote substations so network bandwidth requirements and costs are controlled.

Digital Video Management Solutions

Key Features

Web-based back office solutions that are easy to use, deploy and manage
  • Mobile and fixed-video archival and retrieval
  • Remote DVR, MDC and router administration
  • Vehicle tracking and mapping
  • Fully automated wireless data transfer from/to mobile and fixed MDVRs
  • Instantly search and play video clips
  • Capture, save and print still jpegs
  • Four levels of pasword protected logins
  • Track usage through log file
  • Remote management of MDVR configurations and software updates