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Public Transit

Public Transit

Link communications has developed devices to meet the needs of mass transit authorities. Link's Transit recorders are designed to withstand the exrtreme conditions of transit bus and railway environments. We provide secure, innovative technology that helps to protect the operators / drivers and public. Our systems are designed for each customer's needs, all capable of integrating with easy accessibility.

VehiLink Transit Series

Mobile Digital Video Recording Systems

Designed to be a reliable solution for the recorded video and system needs for the transit drivers and passengers can feel safe with our patented digital video recording technology that can easily be placed in any public transit fleet. Recorders allow for "Live" streaming of video from on board to management and first responders.
Recorders help to deter robberies, hijackers, and vandalism. Link's completely integrated evidentiary system has several key elements that separate it from the competition. Such features include redundant data storage from the fleet all the way through to the servers, multiple data retrieval methods, and mobile routing functions which eliminates the need for multiple third party data modems and helps protect against theft and tampering. Camera options are available for indoor and exterior requirements.

System Features

  • Redundant solid-state hard drives available in an array of storage sizes — can hold months of storage if needed
  • Choice of MPEG 4 or H.264 compression systems
  • 4 to 16 video channel recording
  • Indoor and exterior camera options
  • Wireless download via access points or manual retrieval of video
  • Monitor options
  • Tamper resistant storage unit
  • LIVE streaming video
  • Mapping and tracking software

Fixed Digital Video Recording Systems

Link offers the same system for stationary posts to help monitor activity in stations in areas such as stairwells, ticket booths and waiting areas at stops. Cameras can be wired or wirelessly connected to the central video archival system and can easily accessed in the same system as the Mobile Digital Video files.

  • IP camera options
  • Vandal-proof cameras

Video Storage & Retrieval

Link's video system provides optimum storage capabilities coupled with quick, simplistic viewing and organizing capabilities. Our web based video server application software is effortless to use, it supports centralized and distributed database environments and can be extended to provide fleet tracking and mapping. Link offers impressive live streaming capabilities; secure automated wireless data transfers, and remote management of transit.
At LINK, we've custom designed our solution to work hand in hand with all of our recorded data so the management process is seamless and integrated through and through.
Whether you're transferring, storing, or simply playing your captured footage, you'll find that our system will not only meet your needs but also far exceed your expectations.

System Features

  • Link provides Raid 5 and 6 storage servers
  • High-capacity storage
  • FTP and central servers
  • Web-based interface
  • Automatic data transfer from vehicles
  • Remotely manage MDVR configurations and software updates
  • Four levels of password protection
  • Automatically stores and organizes all files