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Public Safety

Public Safety

Link Communications offers many innovative products that were created by working in conjunction with key law enforcement agencies. Link's products have expanded to serve all public safety entities thus allowing them to serve and protect with the highest caliber equipment in the market. Unlike our competition, we do not provide a one size fits all product selection; our systems are designed for each customer's specific needs. We ensure that our systems integrate and perform at optimal level. Link designs our products to be extremely user friendly with the most technological capabilities in the industry.

Body Cameras

Designed with law enforcement in mind our full featured body worn camera system carriers the most advanced digital video recording technology available.

System Features

  • H.264 compression
  • 32GB internal storage
  • Video record resolutions from 840x480 at 30 Frames per second
  • all the way up to Full HD1920 x 1080 ath 30 frames per second
  • Audio only record button
  • Snap shot button
  • 140 Degree ultra wide angle camera
  • IR and Visible LED Illumination
  • 12hr Battery runtime under normal useage
  • Secure USB download
  • Full Water Resistant packageing

Mobile Digital Video Recording Systems

Designed with law enforcement for the needs of law enforcement our patented digital video recording technology advances in-car video into a completely integrated all digital evidentiary system. One of the key elements to Link's solutions is that we provide backup redundancy to our recording devices. With many options available to provide agencies with the systems they want, Link solutions are scaleable to fit all entities.

System Features

  • Redundant solid-state hard drives available in an array of storage sizes — can hold months of storage if needed
  • Choice of MPEG 4 or H.264 compression systems
  • LIVE streaming video
  • Mapping and tracking software
  • 4 to 16 video channel recording
  • 26x zoom standard camera
  • Wireless download via access points or manual retrieval of video
  • Various monitor options
  • Integrates with all MDCs
  • Tamper-resistant storage unit

Video Storage & Retrieval

Link's video system provides optimum storage capabilities coupled with quick, simplistic viewing and organizing capabilities. Our web based video server application software is effortless to use, it supports centralized and distributed database environments and can be extended to provide vehicle tracking and mapping. Link offers impressive live streaming capabilities, secure automated wireless data transfers, and remote management of in-car video systems. At Link, we've custom designed our solution to work hand in hand with all of our recorded data so the management process is seamless and integrated through and through.
Whether you're transferring, storing, or simply playing your captured footage, you'll find that our system will not only meet your needs but also far exceed your expectations.

System Features

  • Link provides Raid 5 and 6 storage servers
  • High-capacity storage
  • FTP and central servers
  • Web-based interface
  • Automatic data transfer from vehicles
  • Remotely manage MDVR configurations and software updates
  • Four levels of password protection
  • Automatically stores and organizes all files

Interview Room Digital Video Recording

Link's Interview Room Digital Video Recording System allows integration of interview recorded information along with vehicle data. The information is integrated with our video storage and retrieval system, and allows for one continuous track of incidents. Interviewers log in via the IButton Id Access. The login provides instant record functionality.

System Features

  • Streamlines into backend viewing software
  • Up to four rooms recorded per unit
  • Optional cameras available

Mobile Communications Router

The rugged mobile communications routers are purposely built for use in mobile vehicles such as police fleets and fire squads. By combining intelligent power management, single wire harness installation, GPS, vehicle sensor I/O, and modular IP based wireless data communications into a single low power appliance, the Series 100 routers provide seamless and "always-on" wireless network connectivity while vehicles are moving from one network coverage area to another.
This can easily integrated with other systems.

System Uses/Benefits

  • M2M communications and data collection
  • Integrated GPS data for live vehicle mapping and tracking
  • Remote vehicle status and control
  • Supplies available and least-cost IP connection to mobile data computer
  • Wirelessly enables remote IP cameras
  • Significant cost savings over other solutions — exclusive configuration provides shared access to GPS, air card and IP data, eliminating the need for multiple wireless accounts

Surveillance Systems


Utilizing the same MDVR as used for the mobile video recording systems, Link has designed a Portable Surveillance System for occasions where covert surveillance is needed to monitor activity. Stored in a rugged compact case, the PSS is a fully compatible, self –contained transportable version of the MDVR.
These systems can be used for all applications. Live streaming is available through cellular data network for live viewing. Perfect for undercover vehicles and park-like situations.

System Features

  • Transported with ease
  • Live streaming video available
  • Set in a buildings or vehicles
  • 18 Amp battery option


Link's TAC-PACK provides central command and first responders with a portable and self-contained streaming video and wireless data communications solution that can be quickly deployed at critical sites. This allows for all of the same features of an in-vehicle recording system, but in a portable tower that can be place stationed for longer periods of time. TAC-PACK features a lightweight telescoping tower and electronics housed in a durable rolling transit case and works as it's own command station while still can be monitored from headquarters.


Fixed-video surveillance is fully customized for your site and operational requirements.

Options include:

  • Remote accessability from mobile systems
  • Web administration and control
  • Fixed or PTZ cameras
  • Wired or wireless operation
  • Solar powered


Series 140 Access Point/Bridge To ensure maximum-security data transfer LINK developed The Series 140 Access Point. This product can be configured with a built-in FTP server to provide a secure DMZ between the access point and backend video server thus isolating your internal network from the wireless network. It is a high-speed wireless access point.
  • Configured to support the 802.11G/B, 802.11A or the high power 54Mbps 900 MHz 802.11 standards
  • The Series 140 Access Point is sealed in a rugged weather proof NEMA-4 case and comes standard with dual omni directional antennas and low loss LMR-400 coaxial antenna cable.