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Wireless Digital Video Solutions

Mobile Video Recording

Link Communications offers many innovative products that were created by working in conjunction with key law enforcement agencies. Link's products have expanded to serve all public safety entities thus allowing them to serve and protect with the highest caliber equipment in the market.

Unlike our competition, we do not provide a one size fits all product selection; our systems are designed for each customer's specific needs. We ensure that our systems integrate and perform at optimal level. Link designs our products to be extremely user friendly with the most technological capabilities in the industry.

Digital Video Recording & Surveillance

Only Link Communications delivers a completely integrated mobile digital evidentiary solution.

Link's patented digital video recording technology advances in-car video to a new level to deliver the LinkView 20/20™. By integrating Link's powerful router into the mobile digital video recorder, this solution enables live wireless streaming to headquarters and any other users (mobile or fixed) defined by the administrator. The system also allows for live mapping and tracking via Link's customized mapping software.

The LinkView 20/20 provides redundancy with dual solid-state hard drives to ensure you always have a backup file of your video. It is designed to have extensive scalability and provides an array of options enabling agencies specific solutions for their needs. Additionally, Link's engineering team can work with you to customize features for solving your specific challenges. LinkView 20/20 also adds cost savings in a number of ways. By combining two mobile systems in one, you save on equipment costs while the built-in router eliminates the need for multiple wireless air cards and their fees to reduce your entire department's cellular data costs and increase your ROI.

Mobile Data Computing

The VehiLink™ Mobile Data Computers are designed specifically to meet public safety's unique requirements for in-car computing and consists of a ultra low power CPU. The touch screen display is easy to read in bright daylight, airbag compliant, and can be dash mounted. The lightweight keyboard is backlit for easy accessibility at night and water resistant. Windows XP Pro™ is the Operating systems for this rugged MDT.

Fleet Tracking

Link Communications has exactly what you need to ensure the safety and efficiency of your business as a whole. Our systems allow for complete control and total security along with back end support to guarantee the most effective use of your products. Whether you want to monitor the amount of salt distributed from your fleet of vehicles or just want to maintain the locations of the golf carts on your course, Link has something for you.

Wireless Communications

The rugged mobile communications routers are purposely built for use in mobile vehicles such as police fleets and fire squads. By combining intelligent power management, single wire harness installation, GPS, vehicle sensor I/O, and modular IP based wireless data communications into a single low power appliance, the Series 100 routers provide seamless and “always-on” wireless network connectivity while vehicles are moving from one network coverage area to another. This can easily integrated with other systems.

Video Data Archiving and Management

Link's video system provides optimum storage capabilities coupled with quick, simplistic viewing and organizing capabilities. Our web-based video server application software is effortless to use, it supports centralized and distributed database environments and can be extended to provide vehicle tracking and mapping. Link offers impressive live streaming capabilities, secure automated wireless data transfers, and remote management of in-car video systems.

At Link, we've custom designed our solution to work hand in hand with all of our recorded data so the management process is seamless and integrated through and through.

Whether you're transferring, storing, or simply playing your captured footage, you'll find that our system will not only meet your needs but also far exceed your expectations.