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Mobile Video Recording

LinkView 20/20™

Digital Video Recorder/Router

System Benefits

  • Dual solid-state hard drives for data redundancy — ensures no lost video!
  • Live streaming to fixed or mobile locations for simultaneous viewing
  • Live vehicle mapping and tracking
  • Multiple stream rates — dualcompressors enables live streaming/ viewing in congested cell sites
  • Unmatched streaming rates — 3-5 frames/sec; 10 kb/sec
  • Operates in extreme temperature conditions
  • Cost savings over other solutions exclusive configuration with built-in router provides shared access to GPS, air card and IP data, eliminating the LinkView 20/20 need for multiple wireless accounts

Mobile Video Recording

Only Link Communications delivers a completely integrated mobile digital evidentiary solution. Designed with law enforcement for their specific needs, this patented digital video recording technology advances in-car video to a new level.

By integrating Link's powerful router into the mobile digital video recorder, the LinkView 20/20 enables live wireless streaming to headquarters and any other users (mobile or fixed) defined by the administrator. The wireless streaming allows for live mapping and tracking via Link's customized mapping software. The built-in router saves on equipment costs while eliminating the need for multiple wireless air cards and their fees, thus reducing your entire department's cellular data costs and increasing your ROI.

The LinkView 20/20 provides redundancy with dual solid-state hard drives to ensure you always have a backup file of your video. It is designed to have extensive scalability and provides an array of options enabling agencies specific solutions for their needs. Additionally, Link's engineering team can work with you to customize features for solving your specific challenges.

Mobile Video Recording

Key Features

  • View and record simultaneously
  • 2- and 4-channel recording
    − Each with two independent video streams for up to eight streams (one for record, one for simultaneous remote viewing), providing 4 streams for 2-channel and 8 streams for 4-channel
  • Independent stream adjustment
    − Each stream can be adjusted for resolution, frame rate (1-30 frames/sec), compression (allows for recording at high resolution but streaming at lower resolution)
  • H.264 compression
  • Remote configuration
    − Allows system parameters to be managed/defined remotely
  • Low power consumption with intelligent power management
  • 802.11A/N wireless high-speed downloads/uploads via encrypted access points
    − Manual retrieval alternative via high-speed USB external drive
  • 26x zoom camera standard
  • Integrates with existing MDCs
  • Operates in extreme temperature conditions
  • Tamper-resist, shock-resistant storage unit