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  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA
  • Unmatched Technology and Security

Mobile Data Computing

VehiLink™ MDC

Mobile Data Computer System

System Benefits

  • Integrates seamlessly with Link's mobile video recording systems for a complete wireless digital mobile video and computing solution
  • Intelligent environmental and power management
  • Ruggedized, resistive touchscreen display
  • No playback software required — plays in any DviX™-compatible players
  • Intel® Core™ i3 or i5 processor available — easily upgradeable
  • Extreme temperature operability
Mobile Data Computing

This ruggedized system further enhances Link's powerful mobile digital video recorders and routers. It supports Link's patented wireless live streaming capabilties and provides a large viewing screen for live mapping and tracking via Link's customized mapping software.

The VehiLink MDC system includes an airbag compliant, dash-mounted display, an illuminated keyboard and a compact CPU that can be mounted in the cabin or trunk. The system draws minimal power but also has a configurable power management feature that will power-down the entire mobile video system in the event that the vehicle is turned off and the system has been left on to prevent any battery drain.

Mobile Data Computing

Key Features

Airbag compliant, dash-mounted LCD display
  • 12.1” high-resolution color, LED backlit
  • Wide-angle viewing radius
  • Screen readability in all lighting conditions
  • Resistive touchscreen allows gloved finger operation
  • Dual built-in speakers

Water-resistant illuminated keyboard with integrated mouse
  • Large-lettered keys for ease of viewing in low-light conditions

Compact CPU — can be mounted in trunk or cabin
  • 4 – 16 GB RAM
  • 40, 80 or 120 GB internal solid-state drive options
  • Temperature controlled, shock resistant and tamper resistant