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Interview Room Recording

Interview Room Video Recording

LinkView IR

Digital Video Recording System

System Features

  • Video clips are Windows Media Player compatible
  • Live video streamed to remote workstations
  • DVR controlled by remote workstations or available wired button controller
  • Quality SONY color zoom camera
  • Highly sensitive omni-directional microphone
  • Video clips are automatically transferred to secure video server
  • Video server software catalogs and stores video data and makes it available via Intranet, email, CD ROM, and DVD
  • Security log tracks chain of evidence
  • Video server is fully compatible with available in-car system
Interview Room Integrated System diagram

Link's Interview Room Digital Video Recording System consists of:

  • 4-Ch 720x480 MPEG-4 DVR
  • Quality SONY color zoom camera with record indicator and mounting bracket
  • Highly sensitive omni-directional microphone
  • Remote control and playback software
  • Video server and video server software