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About Us

Link Communications Ltd.


Link Communications Ltd

Link is a privately held Delaware corporation. Its president is John Mirabile, a former design engineer at Westinghouse and Gould Electronics who was involved in the design, development, maintenance, and upgrading of high technology communications systems in America's most advanced fighter aircraft and weapons systems. John founded Link in 1985 to commercialize technologies in wireless communications. Today, Link is a technology driven company with exceptional engineering skills and experience in digital signal and video processing, RF engineering and antenna design, and software engineering.

Core Business

Link engages in the design, manufacture, sales, installation and support of its completely integrated in-car and fixed video recorders, mobile communications routers, mobile data computers, and supporting back office data mining software.

Market Focus

Link's primary market focus is providing law enforcement with a fully integrated, low power mobile office solution and Web enabled high definition video surveillance systems for small airports, mass transit and prison transfer vehicles, and real-time snow removal AVL/mapping systems.

Competitive Advantage

Link provides our customers with completely integrated single vendor solutions customized to our customer's requirements.

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